Playcast - F.A.Q

Read carefully the F.A.Q before contacting us, we don't answer if the answer is here

Purchases & account synchronizations

I already purchased Playcast Premium but when I reinstall it, it's not UNLOCKED anymore
You have to use the "Buy" button on the Windows Phone Store (if you use the "Try" button it will fails), it says "you already bought it" then install it and Playcast become unlocked again. If it doesn't works, try to restart your phone and reinstall Playcast. If the tip doesn't help, you have to contact the Microsoft Support here : Just keep in mind that the purchases are handled by MICROSOFT servers, not by developers.
I have paid twice, is it normal ?
No, you don't have to pay twice. Contact Microsoft at to be refund.
I have a new phone, is my Purchase is synchronized ?
Yes, you only have to use the same email account as your previous smartphone. If you have any trouble, have a look to the previous questions. 
I would like a refund, who I need to contact ?
Developers can't refund because all the purchases are handled by MICROSOFT, so you have to contact the Microsoft Support here :

Cast Feature

How to send a video to my TV?
The smartphone must be connected to the wireless network to detect the box or TV. You must press the icon at the top right of a video and choose the device that will play the video.
Why Playcast does not detect my TV?
Your TV must support UPnP / DLNA protocol, like most recent TV and SmartTV. Connect your TV to the Internet. There is often a RJ45 socket to connect to your box.
Why Playcast does not detect my box?
Your router must support UPnP/AV Media Renderer protocol. Some boxes do not have this protocol. Look on the internet to see if this feature is available on your box, and if you must activate it.
Why Videos are not supported on my TV ?
You must check that your TV is able to read Youtube mp4 video format. If not, Cast feature can't work on your TV. You must buy a chromecast/AirPlay/XBOX/ or any DLNA device.
Why my box is not detected instantly?
It can sometimes take 20 seconds before the box is detected. Wait a little while once Playcast is launched.
Can I control the volume of the playback video on my TV?
Yes, the Playcast volume fader works on your TV. On the other hand, the physical volume buttons of your smartphone can't control your volume TV, it's not allowed by the smartphone.
Why cast stops on my TV when Playcast is in background ?
That's a DLNA problem with almost Smart TV. It can't be fixed and depends on your material. On the other hand, it works perfectly with an Xbox.
Cast uses to work before, now it's broken ?
We rarely change the cast code, so the issue is at your place :
  1. Restart your TV (or cast receiver device)
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Check they are on the SAME Wifi Network
  4. Disable any VPN
  5. If you own a dual band router : Be sure the devices are on the SAME band
Which codecs are handled by Playcast ?
The codecs are directly handled by the Microsoft Framework, the list is here