Tubecast - Windows - F.A.Q

Read carefully the F.A.Q before contacting us, we don't answer if the answer is here

Questions of the moment

Why do I have the error "Forbidden Access" on some videos and why can't I download the version
"Forbidden access" error has been solved on version and BUT the Store has an issue and a lot of people can't grab this new version, Microsoft is "working on it" so you just have to wait few days and it will be solved (crossed fingers!).

Why the "Error network" appears sometimes ?
You are a lot of users using Tubecast and YouTube access is limited by YouTube, when the number of requests is reached to the max, YouTube just drops the access until the next day.

Why the "preload feature doesn't work anymore ?
You have to download the last version (4.5 on phone and 2.5 on desktop) because YouTube changed some things and we updated the app ;). Be patient if you can't download it yet, Microsoft is validating it, it could take few days

Purchases & account synchronizations

I already purchased Tubecast Premium but when I reinstall it, it's not UNLOCKED anymore
You may have a synchronization problem. Try to restart your phone and/or reinstall Tubecast. Synchronizations are handled by MICROSOFT servers. If this tip doesn't help, you have to contact the Microsoft Support here :
I already purchased Tubecast PRO Premium but when I reinstall it, it's not UNLOCKED anymore
You have to use the "Buy" button on the Windows Phone Store (if you use the "Try" button it will fails), it says "you already bought it" then install it and Tubecast become unlocked again. If it doesn't works, try to restart your phone and reinstall Tubecast. If the tip doesn't help, you have to contact the Microsoft Support here : Just keep in mind that the purchases are handled by MICROSOFT servers, not by developers.
I have paid twice, is it normal ?
No, you don't have to pay twice. Contact Microsoft at to be refund.
Can I use Tubecast and Tubecast Pro with only one unlock?
No you can't, InApp purchases can't be shared between two different apps. 
I have a new phone, is my Purchase is synchronised ?
Yes, you only have to use the same email account as your previous smartphone. If you have any trouble, have a look to the previous questions. 
I would like a refund, who I need to contact ?
Developers can't refund because all the purchases are handled by MICROSOFT, so you have to contact the Microsoft Support here :

Windows 10 Insiders version (BETA only) issues

My purchases are not synchronized with Win10 preview (mobile or desktop), HELP !
Sorry but Windows 10 is in BETA and have a lot of bug until the release. We really can't make it better (Microsoft servers are "supposed" to synchronize purchases, but it often fails because.... you know, it's BETA ;) ).
Well, as it's recommanded, use Win10 as a secondary OS.
I have an issue on Windows 10 (Phone) BETA version, HELP !
Sorry we don't fix anything due to BETA version, use BETA as your own risk, we recommand you to wait for the releases !

Windows 8 and Windows Phone purchases

I already bought Tubecast for Windows Phone or Windows 8, do I have to rebuy it for the other platform ?
$ Need to rebuy ?
Premium $2 Yes
Premium Universal $3 No
Premium Power $4 No
Premium Ultra $5 No
Premium Magic $6 No

- If you bought the first offer "Premium" $2, you have to rebuy for each platform, even in the PRO version.
- If you bought the second (or plus) offer "Premium +" or plus >=3$, you don't have to rebuy the app

Be sure to download the equivalent app you bought on Windows Phone. If you bought the PRO version on Windows Phone, install the PRO version on Windows 8.
One last thing, if you paid a Premium + (and plus) for the PRO version for Windows 8, when you download the PRO version for Windows Phone, click on the "Try" button, not the "buy" (because you don't have to buy it again).

PRO Version

What is the difference between the FREE and the PRO version ?
There is no difference, PRO version has been done because Tubecast works also for Windows Phone 7, and this platform don't have InApp Purchases, so these users can only buy the app through the PRO version.

SD CARD support and PLAYLISTS (watch later, history etc.)

Can you support SD CARDS for downloading in Windows Phone ?
No we can't for the moment (Microsoft forces us to rewrite the app to use their new API, it"s a very long work we can't afford at the moment)
Can you add the PLAYLIST SUPPORT (and watch later and history) ?
It will be done on a next release, we really can't provide date !

Navigation bar issues

The navigation bar can't dissapear on Tubecast but it works with other apps, why ?
Microsoft "forgot" to implement its feature for Silverlight 8.0 apps (Tubecast is an "old" app based on Silverlight 8.0). It's not something we can handle (only a complete rewriting of the app (which is not an acceptable solution at the moment) could solve it).

No Sound, only a black screen !

Got no sound on videos, only a black screen, help !
You selected the format "only audio" in the video quality list on the top of the video player in Tubecast, just change to another one ;)
If all the formats selected show a black screen, restart your computer; if the restart doesn't help, it's a video driver problem, not something we can fix, so please update your video card driver and cross your fingers ;).

LIVE videos

Does Tubecast handle LIVE stream videos ?
No, the codec is not handled by Windows Phone OS for Silverlight 8.0 apps, or even WinRT8.1.

360° Videos Support

Does Tubecast support 360° videos ?
Absolutely, there is a "360°" button in the Tubecast Player, it will launch our "Video 360" app.

Open from Internet Explorer or an other app ?

I want to read youtube videos from an other app or from Internet Explorer ?
Please follow this link, all is explained


Why the tile is transparent ? How can I switch to the red tile ?
The default tile is transparent because users ask us to do it. Just hold your Tubecast icon in the main Windows Phone app list and select "pin to start".
If you prefer the red tile, the only way to have it is to select "pin live tile" in the application bar of Tubecast in Homepage. Then resize the dynamic tile to the smallest.

Cast Feature

How to send a video to my TV?
The smartphone must be connected to the wireless network to detect the box or TV. You must press the icon at the top right of a video and choose the device that will play the video.
Why TUBECAST does not detect my TV?
Your TV must support UPnP / DLNA protocol, like most recent TV and SmartTV. Connect your TV to the Internet. There is often a RJ45 socket to connect to your box.
Why TUBECAST does not detect my box?
Your router must support UPnP/AV Media Renderer protocol. Some boxes do not have this protocol. Look on the internet to see if this feature is available on your box, and if you must activate it.
Why Videos are not supported on my TV ?
You must check that your TV is able to read Youtube mp4 video format. If not, Cast feature can't work on your TV. You must buy a chromecast/AirPlay/XBOX/ or any DLNA device.
Why my box is not detected instantly?
It can sometimes take 20 seconds before the box is detected. Wait a little while once tubecast is launched.
Can I control the volume of the playback video on my TV?
Yes, the tubecast volume fader works on your TV. On the other hand, the physical volume buttons of your smartphone can't control your volume TV, it's not allowed by the smartphone.
Why cast stops on my TV when Tubecast is in background ?
That's a DLNA problem with almost Smart TV. It can't be fixed and depends on your material. On the other hand, it works perfectly with an Xbox.
Why I can't see my AppleTV in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 (Win10 doesn't have this issue) ?
If you have iTunes installed on your computer or any "Bonjour" service, you can't see AppleTV (it's a limitation by WinRT Framework), the only possible thing to do is to stop the Bonjour service (or technically close the UDP socket on the Chrome also can bind this port, so you have to close it too !
Cast uses to work before, now it's broken ?
We rarely change the cast code, so the issue is at your place :
  1. Restart your TV (or cast receiver device)
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Check they are on the SAME Wifi Network
  4. Disable any VPN
  5. If you own a dual band router : Be sure the devices are on the SAME band

Videos features and bugs

What means permanent error 3100 - 3101 - 3012 when I play a video ?
We recommand to restart your phone. It's a network error, it means the connection is broken between Youtube servers and your phone.
Try to see a video on : it will probably fails. There are many possibilities : BUT remember Tubecast IS NOT responsible for that, so please does not complain about it by mail or by review : we can't be responsible for your network restrictions. The better you can do is to try to discover the real reason, but even if you find it, it will not guarantee a connection with Youtube (your network provider do what it wants).
Where are the preloaded videos in my smartphone folder ?
Preloaded videos are in the Tubecast app. You can't access them for the time being. You can switch the Tubecast app install to your SD card if you are a preloader addict.
How to enable or disable the video sound while my phone is in background mode (black screen) ?
By default, run under lock is disabled. Set this feature in the settings (application bar).
How to enable or disable the background sound while switching apps ?
By default, playback while switching apps is disabled. Set this feature in the settings (application bar).
Why the subtitles are wrong or with weird signs on my TV ?
Subtitles are handled by Youtube. A first vocal analyse or translation is done in a Language. Then the file generated is translated by Google Translator. If you've ever used an automatic translator, you know that it's very difficult to translate some sentences. If you see weird signs on TV DLNA Subtitles, that's because your TV doesn't support signs like " é è & ë Ï " etc... It's not a Tubecast problem.
Why video is choppy or long to load?
Your Internet connection may be saturated or clamped. Adjust the video quality.
I can hear a scratch noise when I move the seek bar. Is it normal ?
It's a Windows Phone 8.1 bug with streamed Video. We can't do anything else that wait Microsoft fix that noisy problem.
How to choose the video quality ?
Tubecast trying to adapt automatically to your Internet connection. However, you can choose the HD quality, HQ (high quality) or SQ (standard quality) in manual mode. Press the button above the video to change this setting.
I always get "Network Error", how can I resolve it ?
Tubecast use HTTPS protocol, it needs your phone has the real date and time, please check it.
Thie errors also happens when too many people use Tubecast (because YouTube only authorize an amount of data and close it when it's up to the treshold) : Wait few hours and it will go back.
Can you send or upload a video?
No, this feature is not present on tubecast yet.
Can I disable the Picture in Picture ?
No, you can't. But you can close the PIP by holding it as displayed.
I'm logged with my Youtube account but I can't comment a video : "Error... Try again please !"
You need to transform your Youtube account in channel. Go to Youtube website and login. Then go to anc click OK (google documentation :
I can't play Youtube +18 years old : "Error...this video is not available in your country"
Your channel is in Safety Mode. Go to Youtube and change the Security State at the bottom (google documentation :
Why the synchronisation HUB doesn't works ?
Synchronisation HUB works with Windows Phone 8.0. Unfortunately, this feature has been removed by Microsoft on Windows Phone 8.1.
When I play a video in 2K or 4K, the app crash
It's a driver bug on some computer, we can't make it better.
When I play a video, it's all green
It could be a driver issue or an hardware acceleration issue. Check you have the last driver, if it doesn't resolve it, try to disable the Hyper-V feature in Windows.

QHD, Full HD, and 60FPS

My device drop frames when I play videos in these qualities, How can I make them smooth ?
The only way to play the video smoothly is to cast it on a device (DLNA/Airplay) because your device can't handle well this resolution. Also, if you want to play them directly, we recommand you to have a high speed connection (fiber), otherwise, preload the videos before cast them.


What are the using restrictions with Windows Phone 7 ?
Some smart TV will not work with Windows Phone 7. You need a smartphone with Windows Phone 8 minimum.
Is Tubecast can works with a Chromecast ?
Yes, Tubecast is fully compatible with chromecast. You can control Play/Pause, seek and volume.
Is Tubecast can works with AirPlay Apple TV ?
Yes, Tubecast is fully compatible with AirPlay Apple TV. You can control Play/Pause, seek and volume.
Is Tubecast can works with Xbox and Xbox One?
Yes, Tubecast is fully compatible with Xbox and Xbox One. You can control Play/Pause, seek and volume.
Is Tubecast can works with PS4 Playstation ?
Yes, via the DIAL protocol or pairing (there is no DLNA implementation at the moment).