LAN drive - F.A.Q

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Purchases & account synchronizations

I already purchased LAN drive but when I reinstall it, it stays in TRIAL
Open the app, go in settings and click the button "Restore my purchases". If it doesn't help, click the buy button, you will not be charged again.
I already purchased LAN drive but when I buy it again, it says "You already own this item" but stays in TRIAL
This problem is related to Google Play - a known bug we obviously can't fix -, you have to clear the Google Play Cache. A clean procedure should be :
  1. Uninstall LANdrive
  2. Clear Google Play Cache
  3. Reboot
  4. Reinstall LANdrive


The bandwidth is not as quick as I thought (maybe a bug in LANdrive ?)
A lot of people hopes a better bandwidth, specially with Wifi but the real bandwidths are : The bandwidth is always the lowest of the two devices connected. A device with Wifi 2.4Ghz connected to Ethernet 1Gb will have the Wifi 2.4Ghs bandwidth (2-3 MBytes/s).